The English School Gothenburg
Klass 2LA

Kommun: Göteborgs stad

Verksamhet: Klass 2

Antal barn/elever: 22 st

Pedagogens namn: Laura Adamsson

Redovisade uppgifter

"We have talked about recycling and discussed what pictures, facts and messages would be good to include on our designs."

"Vi vill inte att fotot är använd på eran websida eller använd för reklam. Vi har pratat om återvinning i klassrummet och sedan har barnen samlat dryckeskartonger hemma. Vi har sedan besökt en återvinningsstation tillsammans."

"We talked about the best way to spread the message about recycling and came up with a list of places that we could post our leaflets. The children each received two copies of their designs which they took home. Some put their leaflets up in shop windows, gave to friends/family, parents took them to work, others posted them on their private social media. At school, we created a notice board in the entrance (see photo), put them on the tv screen in reception and also put them up in our food hall."