The English School Gothenburg

Kommun: Göteborgs stad

Verksamhet: Klass 1

Antal barn/elever: 23 st

Pedagogens namn: Laura Adamsson

Redovisade uppgifter

"We have discussed the importance of recycling and spreading the word! We looked at different examples of milk cartons from previous years and then the pupils took their time to discuss what they thought was the most important message about recycling that they wanted to say. They then designed their milk cartons."

"The children brought in their recycling from home and we walked to the local recycling centre. The children sorted the recycling into the correct bins and then we took a class photo."

"The children made posters and placards to spread the recycling message! They thought of their own slogans they wanted to say and then we walked around the local area saying the slogans and showing the posters. When people came to ask them what they were doing, the children explained about their recycling campaign and why it is so important."